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Advantages of comp materialsosite

The composites offer different properties, such as a formidable durability and a high specific resistance, which are impossible to equalize with the traditional materials. Moreover, allow the planning of complex geometric shapes and the engineering of customized materials, specially prepared to answer to questions of particular applications.

The advantage of composites
These useful characteristics have allowed the rapid incorporation of composites in a wide range of fields, from the oceans to the polar and space exploration to wind turbines, and even the bridges and high-performance cars.
Advantages of fiberglass reiforced composite

• Corrosion resistance
• UV resistance and all weather conditions
• High resistance
• Chemical resistance
• Linear behavior of tension and of dilatation
• Electrical insulation
• Data entry
• -100 to + 180° C
• Light weight
• Maintenance-free
• Installation with smaller masses and weights involved
• Long life also with minimum seal in good condition
• High economy

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