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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

What does it mean GRP or FRP?

GRP = glass reinforced plastic, FRP = fiber reinforced plast. Both FRP and GRP means fiberglass.

Fiberglass means plastic?

No, is not plastic; fiberglass means thermosetting.

What does GRP means?

GRP= glass rein forced plastic. GRP stands for fiberglass in Italian.

What does FRP means?

FRP= fiber reinforced plastic. FRP stands for fiberglass in Italian.

PRFV, GRP, FRP, what do they mean?

PRFV = GRP = FRP, all mean fiberglass.

Does Selip produce GRE products?

GRE means "glass reinforced epoxy". No Selip did not produce GRE products.

Does Selip produce pipes?

yes, but only with anti-abrasive liner, for FGD-Energy sector.

Does Selip produce GRE pipes?


Which diameter can have Selip tanks?

Selip produce tank with the following diameter: 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000, 2200, 2500, 3000,3500, 4000 mm. Upon request Selip can manufacture tank with diameter of 4500 mm.

Do you produce tank with diameter 5000 mm?

No, cause transpot limits

Do you produce tank to be assembled on site?

Not for the moment.

Do you produce Chimney diameter 6000, 8000, 11000 mm?

No, Selip only produce chimney till 4500 mm of diameter.

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