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Selip Social Responsibility

Selip S.p.A. continues to grow, so do our corporate and environmental responsibilities and we recognise that our commitment in our success of our business for tomorrow, we need to manage our social, environmental and ethical responsibilities today.
Environmental Policy
Selip S.p.A. has a comprehensive and consistent environmental focus in all activities. Compliance with environmental regulations, continuously improve environmental performance, minimize environmental impacts through pollution prevention activities.
Equal opportunities
Selip S.p.A. is an equal opportunities employer ensuring that no one is treated less favorably because of their race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability. Employees are given opportunities for growth and development throughout the organization.
Health & Safety
Health & safety reporting, monitoring and improvement are vital for all our staff as we strive to make our workplace and systems safe for employees and customers.
Training & Development
Selip S.p.A. actively encourages its staff to train and develop by working with colleagues through a series of best practice activities, to promote effective alignment of people development with business goals.
Quality Policy
Selip S.p.A. is committed to constantly meeting its customer’s requirements by providing consistently high quality products and services and by encouraging continuous improvements in long-term and daily operations.
ISO Certified
Selip S.p.A. is ISO 9001:2000 certified and we ensure that our products and process management conform to meet the standard requirements.

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