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Are not included in the scope of supply

Sand and materials of filtration

Abrasive sand

Abrasive sand is particularly useful for the removal of heavy rust, epoxy paints, beton, rust of rolling scales and paint from surfaces of steel structural members and materials measurement. Red Flint Sand and Gravel can meet the needs of abrasive sand and abrasive materials.


The materials for the anthracite filter are screened and washed in order to meet the needs of water filtration. The anthracite water filtration materials Red Flint Sand and Gravel are specifically selected for the most demanding requirements of the water filter.

Sand for aquariums

Sand for Aquariums, such as sand filtration, is colorful and clean and presents physical properties that make it suitable for aquariums.


Garnet Red Flint Sand and Gravel is a water filter material, and an abrasive material ideal. The garnet is a chemically inert non-metallic mineral usually found the natural environment. The garnet is characterized by a high specific gravity.

Gravel Water Filtration

Gravel water filtration Red Flint Sand and Gravel can meet the complex specification of water filtration. Red Flint Sand and Gravel is specialized in personalize specifications to meet the rigorous requirements of the gravel of water filtration.

Sand of water filtration

Sand of water filtration Red Flint Sand and Gravel can meet the complex specification of water filtration. Red Flint Sand and Gravel is specialized in personalize specifications to meet the rigorous requirements of the gravel of water filtration.

Manganese green sand

Manganese green sand Red Flint Sand and Gravel is used to reduce iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide from the water by the oxidation and filtration. Manganese green sand can be used in water filtration system.

Sand filtration for swimming pools

Like a water filter used to purify drinking water, performance of the water filter depend on a pool of water filtration. It is possible to use the materials of swimming pool filtration Red Flint Sand and Gravel to purify pool water. Through the sand for swimming pools Red Flint, is possible to protect your pool and your family from water borne contaminants.


Water treatment

The process of absorption found many applications in the treatment of water and the activated carbon is the most commonly used absorbent for the removal of many organic contaminants. The technology of its use has largely been developed in recent years and essentially:

In the treatment of drinking water

• For dechlorination
• For the removal of tastes and unpleasant odors
• To absorb pesticides and triazines
• For the removal of chlorinated hydrocarbons
• For the adsorption of surfactants
• To deal with situations of accidental pollution
In the treatment of waste water
• For the elimination of toxic compounds
• To lower C.O.D at the regulatory level
• To break down color and odor
• To avoid the formation of foams
• To facilitate the conditioning of sludge in the biological treatment plants
• In the treatment of dechlorination and deozonization
• In the filtration of water pools and aquariums

In view of the combined requirements, in which the amount can vary significantly, a precise diagnosis is necessary to know what is reasonably achievable by activated carbon and which path you can achieve the desired objective.

Calling attention to the porous structure, it is worth pointing out that there is an activated carbon consists exclusively of a specific porous structure. Different raw materials and thermal or chemical activation of the same, they can only orient the porous structure to the predominance of a certain configuration of porosity or another. Macro, meso and micropores are present in the same carbon and cause a phenomenon of molecular screening that can orient, not only the choice of the type of activated carbon, but also the type of process, considered the phenomenon of competition between the different molecules to be adsorbed.

The microscopic algae and humic acids preferably involving a fraction of mesopores and macropores.

The coloring matter and tannins are absorbed mainly by mesopores.

For detergents, chlorinated phenols, halogenated hydrocarbons, triazines, etc.., is essential the microporosity.


Nozzles in vertical slots

It is the simplest type, most common and economical of our production. Available with a wide range of width slots and the complete set of threads and shank length. Particularly suitable for sand filtration and carbon.


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